Our Mission

At Indulgables we know that everyone likes to indulge. Our mission is to provide the highest quality best tasting treats for everyone to enjoy, including those living a Gluten-Free lifestyle.

Indulgables unique signature treats are Crispy Mallows and Truffle Cookie Cups. We also do great tasting baked goods. All Gluten-Free! Other dietary requirements and food allergies can also be customized to any of our treats.

Our Unique Indulgables

Indulgables Crispy Mallows reminisce the fun, joy and simplicity of a Rice Krispy treat, and kicked it up a few notches as we unite them together with the sophistication of a cupcake enhancing it with our unique twist!

Truffle Cookie Cup (TCC) is an unique indulgent. It combines the richness of a traditional chocolate truffle with shortbread base, which is enhanced with both mascarpone and chocolate for a more velvety texture. We then crowned our TCC with a flavoured mascarpone chocolate topping.

Along with our signature treats, we also offer the basics, such as muffins, biscotti, and can make almost any type of baked treat you desire.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

*All products are gluten-free and other dietary restrictions can be met

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Nikki Crewe

A few weeks ago I attended the Milton street festival. I came upon a marshmallow treat truck and was so excited so I bought a banana cream filled sandwich type treat.I was so excited to try it!!Unfortunately the excitement was short lived and I only had 2 or 3 bites and the rest went in the garbage.I was so disappointed.I felt like the Rice Krispie cereal was maybe stale ...I don't know..anyway...it just wasn't good.I walked away disappointed and then I spotted Indulgables!!!I was so surprised and excited that there was ,yet,another Rice Krispie treat truck.I was torn between all the flavours.Now these were decadent...fresh..so flavourful.I felt as though I might explode ,however,I took one for the team and wolfed down the entire lemon filled cupcake shaped treat.It was amazing.Definitely recommended!!! Thanks so much!!!

Norman Grey

I recently had the opportunity to taste Monica s indulgences. The desserts are very flavourful and satisfying. Some of the best I have ever tasted. Imagine my delight when I discovered that all her items are gluten free. I have never ever tasted gluten free products with this quality in taste and texture. A truly great experience.


I was a vendor at the Leslieville Flea this past weekend & am also a customer at the Mustard Seed in Hamilton. I wanted to thank you for being at the Flea - I really enjoyed the chocolate zuchinni muffin & was pleasantly surprised that there were gluten-free options available at the Flea! I love your products :)

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